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Summer Volunteering

When you finish education and you start looking for a ‘real job’, you will often be faced with a rather frustrating challenge: the lack of experience.

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6 College Majors You Might Not Have Considered

Let’s say you’re on the brink of graduating high school who's about to embark on post-diploma life. No matter which category you’re a part of, there’s a good chance you’ll consider going to a college or a university as a means to earn knowledge and expand

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Revolutionizing Education through Collaboration

Collaboration is the new hit word, being used by organizations, involving small startup companies all the way up to mega-corporations such as NASA. Open source projects are the future, concentrating the creative powers of individuals across the world.

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​Schools Done…Your Summer Earnings Have Just Begun

Trading in your button down shirt for that cool bikini or pair of shorts? Kicking back doesn’t mean your earnings have to take a backseat too. We have some awesome (and scam free), ways of making some extra dough during the dog-days ahead!

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4 GRE-Free Graduate Options

One of the best things you can do in an effort to build that perfect future is to give yourself a strong foundation of education. While some jobs aren’t going to require an advanced degree, others just won’t come your way unless you’ve clocked the credit.

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Nerd Culture 101: Exploring your Online Options

​If you’re thinking about heading off to college in the near future, great! It’s an awesome way to prepare for a better future, and these days, a college education can be earned from the comfort of your own home. If you have the option, it’s wonderful.