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Review - Top Online Platforms for Learning

The web provides us with free access to all the world’s information. Whether you want to learn to build a robot, or you want the answer to a pub quiz, the information will be available somewhere online for you to use.

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Clip Thinking – An Illness of the 21st Century

These days, we are more entrenched in media than we ever have been. Most of us will spend our evenings playing games, watching TV or watching films. On a special occasion, we might head to the cinema.

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Games That Will Make You Smart

Want to sharpen up your grey matter and get that much better at making decisions and solving problems? Well then, put down that text book and pick up your Xbox controller!

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7 Ideas for Promoting your Book

In order to promote the creative endeavor that your book is, you can employ some creative methods! But if you’re author who needs a little boost in brainstorming to successfully promote your book, take a look at some of these possible avenues.

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All You Need to Know About Quotes

A quote is the reference number or statement used by someone to relay the value of a good or service, in this case an insurance policy. If you haven't already noticed, insurance companies love to use "quotes" and wave the word around frequently.

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Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin? What the Hey?

What exactly is cryptocurrency anyways? You may be one of the many individuals out there who are wondering this very question. Well, you're in luck because this article is tailored specifically to you and all of my fellow less-than-tech-savvy individuals